Proteinase K

recombinant, PCR grade

Proteinase K


  1. DNA/RNA isolation

  2. Prion (TSE) diagnostics

  3. Mitochondria isolation

  4. Protease footprinting


  1. Specific activity >30 U/mg

  2. DNA/RNA free

  3. DNAse/RNAse free

  4. white powder or liquid (20 mg/ml)

Successfully tested in:

  1. routine laboratory research

  2. forensic investigations

  3. diagnosis of sepsis

  4. diagnosis of prion diseases

Enzyme description:

Proteinase K (also protease K or endopeptidase K) EC is a broad-spectrum serine protease.

The enzyme was discovered in 1974 in extracts of the fungus Engyodontium album (formerly Tritirachium album). Proteinase K is able to digest native keratin (hair), hence, the name "Proteinase K". The predominant site of cleavage is the peptide bond adjacent to the carboxyl group of aliphatic and aromatic amino acids with blocked alpha amino groups. It is commonly used for its broad specificity. This enzyme belongs to Peptidase family S8.

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